Lake Cauma – Caribbean-like paradise in Switzerland

Lake Cauma – Caribbean-like paradise in Switzerland

What to do when it’s hot outside? Cool down in a swimming pool? That’s a good idea. Well…
You can do better. Go to Flims (Grison country) for a short walk to paradise and visit Lag la Cauma (Lake Cauma in Romansh language) for swimming, relaxing and getting a tan.

The “Lake Siesta” (how it can be translated) is about 1000 meters above sea level, has a water temperature of about 20°C (pleasantly cool) in summer and has a nice turquoise color. That’s because it is called the Caribbean-side of Switzerland.  This lake is magnificent! True natural beauty as its finest. No wonder the lake is known as jewel of Flims. There is also a little island in the middle of the lake. And for all the (wanna-be-)pirates out there: You can ride with the Pedalo or a Stand-Up-Paddle to the island or you can just swim to it.
For children, there is a playground. If you want to be active you can play beachvolleyball, swim in the lake, ride a pedalo or do SUP, whatever you like. In addition, you find a restaurant with Spare-Ribs-BBQ every first Saturday of the month. Attached to the restaurant area there is a lounge with beautiful view of the lake. The mojitos are great there! 🙂

Sure you must think that this is not an insiders tip, and you are right. Although the single admission price for adults is quite high (CHF 12.- per person), many locals and tourists visit the lake in summer. So if you don’t want it to be overcrowded, visit the lake in autumn.

Look and see!


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mojito time at caumasee 🍸✌

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