Image licensing

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures have been created or taken by myself.

The use of my graphical material (illustrations, photos & video) always requires the explicit release by and is subject to licensing. This also includes reposts via Instagram* with or without credit.

I am happy that you like my pictures and I am happy to make them available for use via social media, your website or PR material for a fee.
Unfortunately, it happens repeatedly that images of companies are stored without being asked and are also used commercially. In this case, allows itself to send an invoice.

The prices are based on Swiss market prices and the price recommendations of the SAB (Swiss Association of Image Agencies and Archives).

Image fee’s Online Use / Social Media
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Xing

  • With image credit or the respective social media platform:  CHF 150.-
  • Without image credit: +50%.
  • Packages: For a purchase of more than 5 photos, 30% discount from the 6th image

Image size min. 1280px, for buyer’s use only. Right of use 1 year, unless otherwise defined.
In case of unsolicited use of our image material, an invoice will be issued for the above-mentioned license prices, plus +100% for unauthorized use (except of course normal shares of our contributions via Facebook or Twitter, which we are pleased about).

If you want to use the image material for other purposes or are interested in the raw materials, e.g. for use in newspapers, newsletters, books, magazines, travel brochures, PR material, calendars, etc., I would be happy to receive your enquiry via contact form.

*Reposts on Instagram: Instagram does not offer content reposting features such as Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, images may not be legally shared without permission and this is not covered by the Instagram Terms and Conditions. The publication of third-party content is subject to copyright infringement and may result in legal action.