I’m back :-)

It’s been a while since my last post about a new drawing I made. My last contribution about how “today is a perfect day to start living your dreams” is from last September. That’s a long time! In the last months I found too little time and was also a little uninspired. Due to my interimistic double role at work I was strongly challenged, also creatively. In addition, there was also the championship season in the sports team, where championship matches took place in addition to the normal two times a week training. At the end of March things changed: just the traditional role at work and the sports season came to an end. “Hooray! I can breathe again,” thought my body too. A cold was replaced by tiredness, followed by flu! This is what I was waiting for. Of course not… But that’s how it was. My body needed a break. The first two days I mainly (about 20/24 hours) spent in bed sleeping. I didn’t have much appetite either. Thursday afternoon was the turning point. It got better! Friday afternoon was again a little better. And then all of a sudden creative ideas came back. For a long time I had once again tickled a sketch that I can pursue. Further ideas gushed only in such a way that I immediately made a mindmap out of it. But I can’t force anything and should still take it easy. I will!
Look forward to more posts from me!

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