one month til Christmas

Today is November 24. One month til Christmas! Time to buy presents. It’s that time of the year 🎅  If you are unsure what to get your significant other, your siblings or your colleagues for Christmas, you can find some inspiration in this blog post.

Gin 🍸

Over the past years, Gin gained a lot of popularity! The world was looking for something new to drink. The botanicals of the Gin combined with the right tonic water and garnish like basil, mint or cucumber really tickle your taste buds. And being a lover of this juniper spirit is like being addicted to crossfit. The first rule is: always tell that to others and show them how to proceed when life gives you lemons.

Agile Minds 🔥

Nowadays almost every business is lean or calls itself agile. The reason is simple: There’s an old-fashioned way to do things which is quite heavy and there’s a new light-weight way of doing business (of course not applicable everywhere – or is it?). A shift in doing business requires new roles. Scrum introduced the Scrum Master or the Product Owner for example. Maybe you have heard the phrase that “Being Agile-minded is easy. It’s like riding a bike… Except the bike is on fire, you’re on fire, everything is on fire and you’re in hell.” So knowing agile is easy, being agile is not.
I bet you have colleagues, friends or relatives who are always on fire. Here is a nice present for them. 🙂
Of course you can also find some classical roles like being a Product Manager in the portfolio.

d.i.y. arts and crafts🕯️🌶️

Have you ever tought about making your own candle(s)? If you drink coffee from grounded beans (like prepared in a Bialetti Moka), you can add the coffee ground to the wax and heat it up. This candle will create a lovely coffee-scented mood in your home.

Another idea is to make your own Chili oil or Chili sauce. Like I did. My garden used to have about 10 different kinds of Chili pepper plants this summer, so I got a lot of Chili peppers for further usage in the kitchen. One of my favorite sauces is still the Blueberry Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce. Trust me: It’s hot!

Or check other fancy stuff on Redbubble. Be different.

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble is a free marketplace for thousands of artists to reach new audiences and sell their work more easily. You can look for a wide range of fancy products in high quality, just waiting for you to become a part of your home or workplace.


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