Mdrnty Cruise 2017 was epic

Mdrnty Cruise 2017 was epic

MDRNTY is always looking for special venues. Celebrating awesome parties with the best crowd and DJs from all over the world combined with locations like these makes it magical. Now with these cruise, a next milestone in partying has been achieved! 4 nights epicurean journey across the Mediterranean sea. MDRNTY knows what it takes to make a one of a kind rave.

The MSC Magnifica started on 16 September in the Italian city Genova and came back in the same city 4 days later. Stop-overs were Barcelona, Mallorca and of course Ibiza, the party mekka of the world 🙂

To be honest, 4 days of non-stop partyiing is not easy. It is something for some experienced/advanced ravers.

day 1: awesome
day 2: awesome
day 3: aaaweeesooome!
day 4: omg, everything hurts and I cannot think properly 🙂

Here you can find some impressions:

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