DoD for Business Analysts/Product Owners

DoD for Business Analysts/Product Owners

Normally the DoD (Definition of Done) for Business Analysts or Product Owners equal the DoR (Definition of Ready) of a development team. But what if a BA works for more than one team? It’s quite hard to fulfill three totally different expectations. This post describes points which should be taken care of, independent of team individual points… The Definition of Done for Business Analysts or Product Owners should contain:

  • Business Value is clearly articulated (User Story according “As WHO I want WHAT so that WHY”)
  • Each Story has a title (short and concise)
  • Each Story is small enough for a sprint
  • A Story is verified with the people holding the know-how in this particular area
  • Acceptance criterias consider all features of the story
  • Story can be estimated by the team
  • User experience is described
  • Performance is described (if necessary)
  • If story is part of something big, the big picture should be clear and comprehensible (e.g. Storymap, MVP, regulations, business analysis)
  • Dependencies are clear (if they cannot be avoided)

Or simply said: Each story follows the INVEST model.
To get an indication what a customer needs, you can ask the magic question “How will I know I’ve done that?” When answering this question, you get the acceptance criteria for a particular story.

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