Mike Tompkins

Yesterday Lindsey Stirling stopped her tour and played a great concert in Zurich.
Pre-Act was Mike Tompkins. I didn’t know him. So I asked my colleague if he knew who this guy was. He negated. That’s when I pulled out my smartphone and checked the internet. One article called him “the man with 100 mouths”. After that point I was still not sure what to expect, but my excitement rose.

Then Tompkins showed up. He introduced himself as a guy who makes all sounds just by his voice and his mouth. Sounds different – YES! And as Lindsey quoted later on that evening: “Being different is okay.” Being different is what makes us special.
After the first song I was fascinated. I could not believe that. It was amazing. The videos are different too. They’re full of colour, a little bit crazy and hilarious. Kind of funny if you see 10 Mike’s doing different stuff on screen to play the song.

But who is Mike Tompkins?
He’s born in London. But not London UK, it’s London, Ontario, Canada. He covers songs A Capella. Just with his voice – from Snare to Synthesizer. Already in an early age he started beatboxing and discovered his passion for music.

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