Let’s honour an all-time-classic: GIN

Let’s honour an all-time-classic: GIN

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Years ago, after drinking too much of “Russian water” while clubbing, I felt the urge to switch to new spirits and drinks. Because I’ve already liked Tonic water (by that time I only knew Schweppes…), I was not far from trying it with Gin. I liked the combo! First, it didn’t really matter to me which kind of Gin or Tonic would be in it, as long as it was G & T. That all was before hipster-hype and everybody drinking Hendrick’s Tonic…
When I grew up (and this process is still going on  :P), I found out that Gin is not like Gin. And Tonic is not like Tonic. Low-quality alcoholic beverages caused a lot of upset stomaches and headaches, leaving me a bad hangover the next day. But I learned from my faults, so I set a solid standard of Gin which I will never ever fall below.  This standard is heavily tested, it is hangover-proof. As long as you stay at one type of spirit. Poor bartender: I once switched from G&T to a simple Coke because the bar didn’t have what I was looking for.
I still didn’t have tested more than 10 Gins and 6 different Tonic water, but I’m sure I will someday. Up to this day I know only a bit of Gin and it’s past, but also about other drinks than G&T that are based on Gin. It’s high time to fill this gap! So probably in future some more posts about this topic will follow.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

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