Exploring Curieuse Island

Exploring Curieuse Island

Are you curious about Curieuse? If you are in Praslin, Curieuse is not far. It’s just a 20-minutes boat ride from Praslin away. A full day trip (start 09:30, return 15:30) including a creole barbecue for lunch costs around 50 euro per person. In addition you have to pay the nature reserve fee for entering the island (about 15 euro per person). Not cheap, but totally worth it.

Starting point of many of these trips is the Anse Volbert in Praslin. After a short boat ride you usually land at Baie Laraire. When landing at the bay, you will immediately spot the Aldabra giant tortoises. But the island is also known for “coco de mer”-palm and the giant takamaka trees (not the rum – the distillery you find in Mahé 😀). From 1833 until the middle of the 20th century Curieuse was used as a quarantine station for lepers. Today some ruins remain, including the old doctor’s house which is a French colonial building from 1870.

From Baie Laraire you can walk along a 1.5km long footpath which leads to Anse St. José. At mid-day this is the point where the creole barbecue takes place.


there is…. this… beach …

oh my god! Too good to be true. Let’s see for yourself:

Anse St. José on Curieuse Island, Seychelles - a lovely paradise!
Anse St. José on Curieuse Island, Seychelles – a lovely paradise! (c) flavioderoni.ch

Crystal clear water, white sandy beach, palm trees…


Best regards and you may visit us,
The Aldabra Giant Tortoises from Curieuse Island

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