Awakenings Festival 2016

Awakenings Festival 2016

It has been a while since you got the last festival update from me, right? After being at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March, it was high time to get a new experience in partying all around the world. Destination: Amsterdam! Awakenings! There is a place where techno wakes up, or wakes you up and shake you well.

I would like to introduce the festival like did it, because I find this description fantastic:

Awakenings: a techno utopia where the majority of its entrants would probably choose to die, a place where warm up sets cease to exist and the stages have a considerable resemblance to Optimus Prime. It will leave the sound of a kick drum rattling your skull for days, but what else would you expect from a festival that houses just about every major techno force on the face of the planet?

The price of a combi ticket for 2 days is around 100 euro. The festival itself is located outside the city of Amsterdam, so you have several possibilities to get there. One opportunity is by taking the shuttle bus from Sloterdijk train station. Another is taxi. Alternatively, by foot or bike, what definitely is depending where you’re staying gin the city. Finally yet importantly, there is Uber. That is what we usually chose. Uber is simple and easy to use, but very expensive. Because of sudden shortages of available drivers, the prices rose up to 4 times the normal price!

At the festival you have to buy tokens to get food or drinks. For 50 bucks you get 18 tokens. One beer or one Jillz (cider) cost 1 token. Captain Morgan Cola or Smirnoff Ice cost 2.5 tokens. There was no “harder alcohol” available.

The sound was top. There were so many top acts you could not see all. But since I have already seen/heard most of them, I could easily choose. 🙂

What I dislike is that after 23:00 in the night the festival was over, and all people rushed to one of the exits to go back. Possibilities were taxi or shuttle to Sloterdijk. Masses were moving so you had to wait some time in order to get a taxi. Uber to go back was not an option, because although there were taxis with blue plates (Uber) waiting, you had to use the normal (metered) taxi.

Although there is one down point, I really recommend you to attend this awesome festival.


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