Expo 2015 Milano Review

Expo 2015 Milano Review

Last weekend I was at the World Expo in Milan, Italy. The first time I went to the city by train. The travelling time from Lucerne to Milan is about 4 hours, one hour longer than it usually takes by car. But during Expo I thought it would be freaking insane to find a parking lot with appropriate prices.

The Expo is really really big. If you plan to see everything and also attend a Cirque du Soleil show, I recommend you to go at least for two days.
The exhibition is beautiful and offers a lot of interesting things to see. Be aware – the popular pavilions often have a big waiting queue. For Japan we had to wait two hours, which we didn’t… So no visit to the Japanes pavilion. In my opinion, the Belgian and German pavilion were the best, and Austria with its forest did a great job too. But also the other pavilions were nice to see. Everytime you entered one you dove into a new world full of amazing stuff. Feeding the planet. Energy for all.
There is a lot going on in music, small demonstrations/parades and entertainment. In the evening is a great show at the Tree of Life. Don’t miss that!
Regarding to food and drinks, you should know that there are some tastings, however not all are free. A good way to buy snacks/drinks is the future food district by Coop. The prices there are reasonable and are practically the same as in other Coop outside the Expo.
On one hand the food prices are pretty high, on the other hand there are free water stations spread all over the Expo area.

Despite the high prices, it is still worth a visit and I recommend you to go!

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